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We call it the “Fresh Index”, the new real-time shelf-life indicator for food. You will learn how long this shelf-life exactly is – depending on the temperatures at which the product was stored and transported along the entire supply chain.

Most foods have a longer shelf-life than we think and with tsenso, you will learn how long this shelf life exactly is – depending on the temperatures at which the product was stored and transported along the entire supply chain. We call it the “Fresh Index”, the new real-time shelf-life indicator for food. With the tsenso cloud, all temperature data along the supply chain are linked centrally. This creates a complete temperature history of the products – from the producer to the distribution and in long-term also to refrigerators at home. We develop the fresh index in collaboration with specialists: We have initiated cooperations with researching universities and experienced software experts. For field tests, we reach out to commerce and logistics businesses. With the help of the Fresh Index, you can always assess whether a food is safe and suitable for sale and consumption. In online grocery stores, it offers a quick overview of the freshness of perishable products.

The Fresh Index is the new “expiry” date for food in place of the static best before date. It is not printed but can be read out via an app and displayed digitally, e.g. on digital price tags and in online grocery stores. This keeps it dynamic: As long as the product is temperature-monitored, the index is updated automatically. The fresh index indicates how fresh the product is. The higher the number, the fresher the food is, and the longer its shelf life is. The freshness data of the product is stored in the tsenso cloud and can be retrieved at any time. Along the food supply chain, this means that on arrival it can be checked immediately in what condition the goods are. For this application, we develop an app. Especially in online food stores, proof of the quality of perishable products is important. The Fresh Index increases transparency and strengthens customer confidence.

For retailers and their References/Customers, the Fresh Index offers the advantage of being able to read the actual shelf life of products. The “first expired, first-out” principle is optimized: what is going to expire first is sold first. Particularly fresh products can be promoted via the Fresh Index. And food which should be consumed soon can be easily identified and saved, e.g. with special offers.

We all know this case: sometimes we find an old, expired product in the refrigerator and are not sure – can I still eat it? The answer is usually: yes. But often this is not visible and we rarely rely on our eyes and nose. Who wants to take a risk? In the long term, we at tsenso want to bring the Fresh Index to the refrigerators at home. By app or the smart fridge, the index will then show the true freshness and safety of food.

The temperature has a significant impact on food safety and shelf life. The tsenso cloud solution reliably monitors the cold chain. Special feature: the solution can be integrated into existing processes without additional infrastructure. tsenso offers two options:

1.) Complete solution: Temperature cloud as well as the tsenso Bluetooth sensors to read out temperature data within seconds. 2.) Cloud solution: Temperature cloud for a detailed evaluation of existing temperature data. Increase transparency and security while reducing food loss along your supply chain. We link the temperature data of the individual sections, such as production, logistics, storage, retail, and delivery service. This results in an individual temperature history for each product.

Based on the complete temperature history and the characteristics of the individual product, we can calculate the food safety respectively the expected shelf life. This is used to check whether the safety has actually been influenced by temperature fluctuations and whether the food is still suitable for sale and consumption. For this complex analysis, we have initiated cooperations with several universities, researching food safety for years. The complex data from the simulation is combined and translated into a simple number: the Fresh Index. This index shows at a glance how fresh and safe a product is. It is calculated in real-time and updated as the temperature conditions change.

Expiry dates as used in the food industry today are important achievements in providing food safety but are also subject to considerable criticism. Many consumers consider the printed expiry dates as a fixed limit and throw away their food on the day of expiry even though it might still be good to eat.

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1.) FInish Future Award in 2016 at international trade fair Fruit Logistica. 2.) Germany - Land of Ideas - Land der Ideen: Elf „Ausgezeichnete Orte“ 2017 aus Baden-Württemberg.

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