Powered by FIWARE: Tera - Beeta (Sensory Systems,Cloud Computing,Data Analytics,Internet of Things)

Beeta an advisory system that combines an “open protocol” gateway with a mobile App helps people to feel better at home, keeping it under control: saving energy bills, increasing security&safety, automate.

An advisory system which combines an “open protocol” gateway with a mobile App, gives physical multisensory feedback (lights, sounds, smells) plus Tips & Tricks to the users improving their energy habits and providing unique features in terms of safety and automation.

Beeta aims to deliver a smart energy monitoring and optimization system based on an interoperable and easy-to-install gateway, an SW interface, and a mobile APP targeted to engage users over time. Beeta is based on an interoperable and easy-to-install gateway, an SW interface, and a mobile APP for tips & tricks and user engagement over time. The Beeta “interoperable gateway” is based on leading-edge remotely upgradeable embedded electronics and linux-based OS, has internal sensors (T, Rh, acoustic noise, air pressure) and has a registered design plastic enclosure. The multisensorial feedback relies on multicolour led, stereo loudspeakers and scientific? electric generator and is activated based on a proprietary (patent pending) algorithm for user presence detection. mobileAPP is based on cross-platform Gamification tech. Communication with the most widespread off-the-shelf devices is guaranteed by ZigBee, ZWave, WM-Bus, Lora, Ethernet, Modbus, BTLE, WiFI, and other protocols. Tips & Tricks to the user comes from web-based energetic algorithms (AI and big data analysis), running on a cloud open-source platform (FIWARE based) characterized by high scalability and modularity degree and marketplace approach. The multiprotocol features of Beeta combined with innovative onboard sensors make it suitable for security and safety applications as well as to control and automate the building. Security & safety applications enabled by Beeta are ranging from elderly assistance, and personal health monitoring up to alarms generation for gas leakage detection, flood, intrusion.

Beeta is addressing the smart home/ building needs providing an answer to households/building owners like: high energy price and high consumption; safety & security needs; elderly people assistance; healthcare; photovoltaic plant losses. Household/Building Service Providers will benefit from introducing Beeta into their offer portfolio thanks to customer loyalty and market share increasing; implementation of demand-response policy; get the return on investment because of smart metering roll-out mandate; improve sales and marketing offer with a tariff based on effective users energy usage; thermal/energetic “footprint” of the house/building (needs for building maintenance financing); appliances end of life (opportunity to know exactly when replacement is needed); PV retrofitting system and energy efficiency solutions.

Utilities, Household Service Providers, Insurance Company, Prosumers

Tera Beeta