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WiseTown is a digital system for the city fully scalable, modular, designed to allow full integration with the city administration’s existing systems, third party solutions, IoT applications and external data sources. WiseTown is the engine that collects the city’s data and makes it available.

WiseTown is a middleware solution that processes and analyzes a large amount of data, giving then back to the operators only the information useful to solve a specific issue, in order to avoid time, money, and waste of resources. It is an infrastructure that is highly modular, interoperable, cloud open-source, that uses the most advanced FIWARE technologies, with the aim of facilitating the transition of cities into smart cities, so that they can adhere to the most innovative European standards, other than increasing their safety, inclusivity, sustainability.

The smart city tools provided by WiseTown are customizable modules that make up the platform:

Every municipality is usually already equipped with a wide range of devices and sensors, but the results of all these technologies are almost wasted so far, as they become a huge amount of unrelated data, too complicated to process, which turns out to be a significant waste of time, money, and resources.

Therefore, what they require is a technological system that guarantees an efficient collection and management of city data, with the integration of IoT services and technologies, a decision support system, and other tools to promote the active participation of citizens. Most importantly, the goal is to have a digital infrastructure capable of integrating the technologies already implemented in the municipality, making them more efficient and useful for all the stakeholders involved in the public sector (professionals, workers, and citizens).

Public Administration, Cities, Energy Utilities, Smart Water, Public Safety Industries, Natural Resource Management

2020:· Best Civic Tech Startup at South Europe Startup Awards 2019:· WiseTown Situation Room top platform finalist of Smart City – Smart Idea Award at Gitex Award – Dubai 2nd place in Enhanced Data at IoMOBILITY Awards 2018: WiseTown Virtual Situation Room awarded at Government Innovation Award · Member of the month Assintel (Associazione Nazionale Imprese ICT) · Best startup for Intermodal Mobility at Connected City – Torino 2017: Top project of 2nd call EIT Digital scale-up project

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