Powered by FIWARE: StoneOne - SmartOrchestra (Internet of Things,Cyber Physical Systems)

Smart Service Platform for the safe internet-based integration, orchestration ,and effective marketing of cyber-physical applications (smart devices).

Currently, the Internet of Things (IoT) is missing a universal operating system for multiple diverse use cases, which contains all necessary functionalities for the setup of marketplaces including the connection and integration with encapsulated cyber-physical systems (CPS) and technologies (sensors and actuators) as SmartServices. Data management and memory for sensors and actuators are implemented on the basis of FIWARE technology, e.g. FIWARE Context Broker. SmartOrchestra enables a uniform service description and secure & safe internet-based composition and integration of heterogeneous cyber-physical Systems and services based on the standardized cloud- and orchestration technologies.

The open SmartOrchestra Platform allows the safe combination and orchestration of smart services for cyber-physical applications as well as their effective marketing. The aim of SmartOrchestra is the creation of/ creating an open and standardized service platform for the utilization of public administrative and business-related services. SmartOrchestra takes the trustworthy marketplace as a paradigm to design, provide, and market these services. The integration of existing stand-alone CPS solutions, as well as aggregated sensor data together with actuator/control functionalities are to be offered as component services to third-parties.

The conceptualized cloud-based service platform paves the way for combining smart commercial and public services to provide innovative solutions. E.g., smart waste containers which send their filling level data to the municipal waste collection service to allow for flexible disposal. Thus, waste management will be more efficient and economical than following a fixed schedule. An open and safe marketplace is to be created to provide, flexibly utilize and combine Smart Services.

Smart Orchestra serves both as a transparent catalog to evaluate suitable services and also as an operational platform and Interface between control devices and sensor units with their applications. In this way, Smart Orchestra will be an open, secure, and standardized Smart Service Platform. It combines the features of an operational platform, of a marketplace, of a broker, and a notary for a cloud based operation. Thus, the user of cyber-physical systems is free to choose his/her control applications, No matter what is used (smartphone, tablet, or personal computer), the manufacturer’s software is no longer mandatory but optional.

The marketplace provides suitable general user interfaces on the basis of generic APIs to allow the usage of the software across multiple devices. The open SmartOrchestra platform allows for the secure connection/combination of cyber-physical applications as Smart Services, their orchestration, and effective marketing. Hence, new and smart business models can be facilitated

SmartOrchestra is used on the basis of StoneOne´s S1 IoT Platform in other IoT scenarios and can be adapted or expanded as part of piloting and projects

StoneOne SmartOrchestra