Powered by FIWARE: SRM Consulting - Capacity Control System (Artificial Intelligence,Internet of Things,Data Analytics)

Capacity Control System is a complete solution to scan and localize any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device, such as smartphones, laptops, or smartwatches. The main goal of this technology is the capacity control of the public spaces.

The Capacity Control System (CCS) will provide the position and identification of all devices within the operating range of the device. CCS works well in a mesh network, improving the accuracy and the operating range of the system. CCS is compatible with the FIWARE map Viewer solution, allowing to display detected mobiles in a Map. Also is compatible with the MavDrone FIWARE solution in such a way that the devices can be integrated inside the drone.

Public spaces are known as areas or places generally open and/or accessible to people. These spaces are also well known as Urban Soft Targets, which means that they are vulnerable to terroristm attacks or could be converted into COVID sources of infection. Having a capacity and location control of the people inside of one area is a priority in current circumstances. Video Cameras associated with IA algorithms are good solutions, but they need a complex processing systems to track (and therefore count and localize) people inside an area. Currently, more than 85% of people in developed countries, such as in Spain in 2018, have a smartphone with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sensor, the signal emitted by these devices can be scanned by sensors to identify and localize them.

SRM Consulting Capacity Control System