Powered by FIWARE: Sociedad Ibérica de Construcciones Eléctricas - Kaliope pwF Platform (Artificial Intelligence,Big Data,Data Analytics,Internet of Things,Open Data)

Kaliope pwF Platform is conceptualized as a turnkey solution that includes all the SW elements for collecting, transforming and loading “big data” from IoT devices and city services. It incorporates a Data Analytics layer with a set of dashboards for supporting and facilitating decision-making.

The core of “Kaliope pWF” Smart City Platform is based on Free Open Source Software top frameworks (mostly FIWARE, Apache Hadoop and Kubernetes) that support the most commonly used ICT/IoT/Scada Protocols and Standards. Kaliope pWF” Smart City Platform is conceptualized as a turnkey solution. It follows a modular architecture that can implement one or several components depending on customer needs and requirements. Thus, Kaliope pwF City Platform provides the following functionalities, which are described in summary form:

Cities and each of their vertical systems already have large volumes of data, however, much of it is traditionally managed in "silos" serving specific needs of each of these vertical services. The Kaliope pwF City Platform seeks to greatly improve the way in which this valuable resource is used. This is accomplished by gathering the different data sets, analysing them and enriching them with complementary data-generating knowledge and valuable information that can be used by each of the municipal services that manage the city.

Therefore, the Kaliope Smart City Platform constitutes the integrating core of a City Digital Transformation Project, whose objective are twofold. On one side it will make available to the City Council a single and integrated vision of the city’s status which includes managing services and facilitating decision-making. Secondly, it will also allow the transformation of the services from a holistic point of view with the application of Open Data policies that favour the establishment of open and participative innovation processes, as well as greater transparency in management


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