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Maturix is an end-2-end solution that enables easy and affordable monitoring of concrete curing in real-time – all shown in this user-friendly software solution.

We have designed and built an end-2-end solution from hardware to software and connectivity thus providing novel solutions enabling our clients to improve production time, decrease resource consumption (energy) and eliminate time for products’ documentation. We call the system - Maturix - please visit www.maturix.com Features: The Maturix software is a concrete monitoring center, which contains all needed functionalities to set up, monitor, document, and share the end results between colleagues. All raw data is accessible and also in reports. All maturity calculations are made in real-time and predictions are updated.

Key features:

As previously mentioned the benefits are multiple - among others:

The construction industry - both in-situ and precast - is very old school in terms of production methods and analytics. At Sensohive we have developed Maturix to help the precast industry make better production decisions and as a result, improved production output by 20-40% and minimize waste by 20-30% - only by using data from our IoT devices.

Sensohive Technologies ApS Maturix