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Scuter offers a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution based on an innovative electric smart ride-on scooter designed just for sharing. Clean, agile, and safe, Scuter reduces vehicle footprints in the city.

Scuter has developed a vertically integrated service to overcome and satisfy widespread fast and clean urban commuting demand. We designed a 3-wheels electric scooter that can be driven without wearing a helmet. This blinks at car drivers that are not used to motorcycle driving experience and are looking for an alternative to their cars. Our service will be a free-floating pay per use vehicle sharing, with dynamic pricing based on an AI algorithm that will allow References/Customers to earn money if they help us with logistics and battery swap, thus reducing the opex for us. We are enabling a crypto token service to leverage the cleantech economy. Our design inputs were:

In addition, Scuter is:

Scuter aims to attack the issue of traffic jams in urban commuting, parking problems, and inefficient ways to move

Car drivers (especially professionals), Students, Commuters and Tourists moving Downtown.

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