Powered by FIWARE: SAMMY - Smart Marina Platform (Artificial Intelligence,Data Analytics,Digital Twins,Internet of Things,Mobility and Location)

SAMMY is a sophisticated, modern, and attractive (easy to use), IoT cloud-based platform that supports the digital transformation, transparency, and the process optimization of marinas & tourist ports, by providing data interpretation, visualization, and real-time services.

Sammy is a smart app in the world of yachting marinas, aspiring to be the ultimate travel companion for yachters, skippers and marina administrators. It supports e-booking services, navigational & parking assistance features and mobile guidance to the nearby coastal areas.Sammy's advanced technologies transform a regular Marina into a 'Smart' one. A Multi-purpose sensor grid consisting of waterproof wireless sensors is enrolled in order to feed a central system and provide booking, meteorological & environmental information. These services are facilitated through the installation of different types of sensors (ultrasound, meteorological, water quality, wave measurement etc.) which collect data and monitor the conditions within the Marina in real-time.

References/Customers: We provide services to more than fifteen prestigious marinas in Greece and Cyprus. We are currently at the expansion stage (Italy and southern France).

SAMMY Smart Marina Platform