Powered by FIWARE: Pycno - Pycno (Artificial Intelligence,Data Analytics)

Pycno solution is easy to use, offers professional ambient, and has soil sensors. Data visualization, crop analytics, and predictions are aggregated in one platform.

Pycno helps tackle one of the biggest challenges of this century: Food Security by building a network of wireless sensors for growers to help them make better informed decisions on how to grow food more efficiently.

These sensors measure key parameters of the soil and the air such as Soil moisture, Soil temperature, Temperature and Humidity of the Air, Solar radiation and Rain intensity that are later on mixed with other regional data to provide their users with best practices on how to be more efficient at producing food.

Current users have shown an improvement in the quality and quantity of their harvest while also reducing the amount of resources such as water, pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, and electricity that they use.

The ability to make better-informed decisions while monitoring the condition of their fields from remote locations in real-time from anywhere they are in the world makes this tool a must for every decision-maker in the agriculture market.

Agriculture is one of the most critical and important yet less technified markets. This is due to how much we depend on food to sustain life and how little information we have to act upon growing food in the most efficient way possible. We have all already heard that farming is the single most powerful driver of deforestation and loss of biodiversity, that 70% of the global water consumption is used for farming, that 42% of the Earth’s land surface area is already been used for farmland and that, with the growth of population, the demand for food is only going to increase, calling for smarter and more resilient solutions to feed the world.

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