Powered by FIWARE: Purple Blob - SARA (Artificial Intelligence,Blockchain,Data Analytics,Internet of Things,Software as a Service)

SARA is an IoT platform that can integrate almost any solution, data source or actuator into a powered by FIWARE system that centralizes all the user and device management, enables the use of different analytical intelligence tools and allows the aggregation of the data generated by each solution

SARA is a FIWARE-based IoT platform designed to fit in industrial environments and operate with maximum efficiency. The main goal of SARA is to offer a centralized system in which many IIoT solutions can coexist, minimizing the effort to integrate devices and digital tools from different suppliers allowing an organized user and device management and enabling the use of shared analytical tools. This centralized system can thus maximize the value of each solution by aggregating the information of the other systems.

Moreover, SARA follows a modular architecture that can implement one or several components depending on customer needs. This allows the implementation of a step-by-step strategy that can prove to the client that a digital approach can actually improve their company.

In addition, SARA offers industrial-grade security and availability that covers both users and information throughout the entire data life cycle. Additionally, the platform is based on Kubernetes, which allows for complete scalability and efficient resource management. Lastly, the FIWARE architecture grants maximum interoperability to use other digital tools along with SARA or to integrate the platform in greater projects.

All these benefits are provided to the users through a web interface that can be accessed via a computer or mobile phone showing all the information that SARA stores on interactive dashboards from which the users can:

It is important to notice that SARA allows a comprehensive permission management based on user groups and organizations, so that the administrator can tailor them to suit any kind of environment, for example, different departments in the same company.

The rapid growth of the Internet of things paradigm has changed every aspect of how connectivity is perceived but it has led to an ecosystem where most IoT solutions are based on individual proprietary platforms. Developing functional IoT ecosystems with these solutions has proved to be challenging and uncomfortable for the user, even more if we take into account that new devices are used as a data source to obtain relevant magnitudes from the environment coexisting with hand-made taken notes and cabled systems. Rapid advances in microelectronics and communications as well as in distributed software architecture have made possible the appearance of applications that reduce the costs of collecting data and acting with the different systems but they require a maximum quality and interoperability that is hardly obtainable by implementing different solutions working on their own.

Thus, the implemented technology has to pursue some clear goals on its implementation: Financial benefits

Operative benefits


In this context, SARA was born to fulfill the needs of the public and industrial sectors as a unified and adaptable platform capable of providing a set of data treatment, action and visualization tools in a homogeneous manner, regardless of its origin or provider, in response to the high costs of custom developments.

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