Powered by FIWARE: Purple Blob - BARET (Internet of Things,Data Analytics)

Baret, the smart tourism platform offers you to design successful destination management and promotion strategies that will allow you to manage all the information relevant to your destination from a single place.

The FIWARE enabled platform BARET provides a way for a Smart Destination to gather and analyze data to promote policies and a proper governance model around the Smart Destination. To achieve this goal, the platform gathers data from social media, a wide variety of news posted on web pages, press releases, and region's marketing campaigns and cross-matches them with regional sensor data models, hotel occupation data, and sentiment analysis to determine the best local government governance policies and predict the best areas to ensure the success of the marketing campaigns in the region while allowing the local government to establish workgroups with the touristic agents of the territory around the gathered data to adapt their value proposals accordingly.

FIWARE architecture provides the perfect developing environment for the tourism sector, gathering data from a variety of protocols such as LoRaWAN, REST calls, NB-IoT devices in one platform, cross-matching objective data such as the temperature, air quality parameters, and occupation with semantic data obtained from different social networks and review sites. This flexible architecture makes for the perfect foundation for a Smart Destination ecosystem.

BARET has the ability to learn by analyzing this information and helps design successful strategies and actions for destinations. It allows destinations and companies in the tourism sector to have control of the main data flows that are of interest to design their strategies for the future and measure the real impact of their actions:

DiputaciĆ³n Provincial de Huesca Bikefriendly Group

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