Powered by FIWARE: Project Ray - RAY (Internet of Things,Data Analytics)

RAY is an all-inclusive, mobile-centered, integrated cloud service that provides digital accessibility smartphones and services for visually impaired people.

Most of the visually impaired people in the developed world use basic feature-phones and minimal telecom service, essential for their wellbeing and serving as main means of interaction with family members and friends. Access to advanced smartphone technologies, capable of further enhancing their quality of life, is practically deprived because of interface complexities and the richness of those devices and related eco-system.

RAY is an all-inclusive, mobile-centered, integrated cloud service that provides an easy-to-use, and cost-saving solution – perfectly adapted for the needs of visually impaired people and their family members - best of bread solutions for 60 million people in the western world (out of 280 million visually impaired people around the world). Serving a market segment of about $9 billion annually. RAY established itself as a market-leading provider of smart and simple connected services to blind users and their family members. Our disruptive solution, together with a successful launch in Israel that already afforded great lifestyle improvement for close to 4000 blind people, help us get deep insight, and valuable understanding of the market, its requirements and the opportunities it brings. The Israeli mobile carriers give RAY for free to any legally blind person and sell it to other people with vision impairment.

Visually impaired people, mostly elderly, in Israel, Hungary, Germany and the UK

Qualcomm - Wireless Reach award

Project Ray RAY