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OpenMove is a software platform for smart mobility that features transport ticketing, on-demand transport in real-time, intermodal journey planning and MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) integration. The company is active in EU + USA + Middle East and serves 10M+ yearly passengers / 50M€+ tickets sold.

OpenMove is an end-to-end mobility platform with 24/7 cloud provision which features multiple ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) modules.

OpenMove's mission is to make travelers free to move and at the same time promote the environmental and economic sustainability of transport services. People travel twice: the first time when planning a trip, the second time when making it; OpenMove responds to this double need with its solutions featuring multi-channel ticketing, real-time passenger information, on-demand transport, and intermodal MaaS integration.

OpenMove provides its References/Customers with a turnkey mobility platform as-a-Service. This enables them to rely on state-of-the-art technology with the guarantee of 24/7 high availability, incremental updates, and maintenance.

Transit providers benefit from improved mobility governance and seamless day-by-day operation, including fare collection, real-time service monitoring, and passenger information.

OpenMove platform helps to increase customer satisfaction and revenues, by easily and safely extending the sales channels, leveraging anti-fraud technologies, and enabling real-time journey planning.

OpenMove paves the way for new mobility able to keep up with the times, by favoring digitization, dematerialization, and sustainability of transport services from a MaaS perspective.

OpenMove software products are addressed to Public Transport Operators (PTO), shuttle and long-distance service providers, Public Transport Authorities (PTA), municipalities, large companies operating corporate mobility services, tourism service providers, and system integrators.

OpenMove solutions have been adopted in multiple countries in Europe, USA, and Middle East and now manage 10M passengers per year and $50M of transport tickets per year.

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