Powered by FIWARE: Netzlink - Flink Node (Industrial Technology,Internet of Things,Big Data)

We provide the FIWARE platform with all Generic Enablers

OpenStack and open data are part of Netzlink’s bread and butter business. As a seasoned expert in these fields, Netzlink is not only one of the most experienced IT and managed service providers in the European FIWARE community, but also the German provider of the FIWARE environment! Netzlink’s own IT service Helplink offers professional 24/7 support. IT systems, applications, and data are all stored in German data centers. Netzlink is ISO-certified and guarantees data protection according to the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) as well as processes that are in line with ITIL practices.

The first German FIWARE node was set up by Netzlink in 2016 for EU-funded start-up companies. In 2017, the node became available to all customers – now companies from the areas of health, energy, and agriculture can benefit from FIWARE just as well as towns and cities of all sizes, communities and developers. So far, more than 100 applications worldwide have been implemented based on FIWARE, and they are an ideal starting point. We provide the FIWARE platform with all Generic Enablers.

Netzlink Flink Node