Powered by FIWARE: NEC - Cloud City Operations Center (Artificial Intelligence,Data Analytics,Open Data)

CCOC acts as the ‘brain’ of the city, able to “listen” and “comprehend” what is happening all over the city to thus make better decisions and provide the right information to its inhabitants

NEC Cloud City Operations Centre (CCOC) platform acts as the brain of a smart city to enable service transformation with big data collected from diverse sources such as historical databases, IoT sensors and CCTV. City Operations Centre Predictive Analytics is a managed service that allows cities to manage, interpret and automate responses to the data collected across the city.

City Operations Centre Predictive Analytics service includes a set of CCOC modules which the client can use to create required data visualizations as defined by specific use cases. Main CCOC platform modules included with this service are: Dashboard (Content Management System): Based on widgets, it can be configured to display a customizable subset of data in a variety of ways. It also includes the feature of generating alarms.

Furthermore, it includes a public citizen site with contents to be managed by the client. Big Data Storage: This handles and processes large amounts of data from IoT devices, condensing them into useful aggregated results. Real-time analyses and historical data file.

IoT Broker: Connects to any kind of IoT device, without any protocol or communication constraint. ESB (Enterprise Service Bus): Connects to legacy systems, such as OSS/BSS and any application using existing API and interfaces

Streaming Media Server: Brings and handles video streaming on the platform.

Real-Time Processing Engine: Processes all events online, so fast actions can be taken based on them.

API: Exposes all data to upper layers to get advantage of it.

Publish / Subscription Notification Engine: For any system or interface to subscribe only to the information they are interested in.

BPM & BRE (Rules and workflows engines): Engines to create rules and workflows that automate all manual processes within the client.

Analytics and Prediction Engine: By the use of algorithms, through this engine the platform can analyze what has happened and why, then it can predict what is going to happen and prescribe actions to be taken.

BI (Business Intelligence): Create KPI reports for the purposes of city analytics and export in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, Excel, etc.).

All tools and data can be accessed via one consolidated and user friendly web-based interface. NEC CCOC platform has been developed according to de facto standards in the industry, namely FIWARE, enabling the client to easily connect with their other or third-party systems.

NEC Cloud City Operations Center