Powered by FIWARE: Limmat Group - IMAS+ (Big Data,Data Analytics,Machine Learning)

IMAS+® is Smart Maintenance Platform for Infrastructure. It uses 4th industrial technologies such as the IoT, Big Data, and Machine Learning to provide smart solutions which enable us to anticipate faults and, on this basis, we can improve efficiency in maintenance, availability and railway safety

The IMAS+® is a FLEXIBLE maintenance platform that can be used for different infrastructures due to it being MODULAR and SCALABLE. The IMAS+® is based on 4.0 technology that combines the use of the Internet of Things, big data analysis, and machine learning to provide predictive maintenance applications to our References/Customers to reduce the maintenance cost between a 10 and 20% increase in safety and improve the availability. IMAS+® has different modules of specialization according to the different technical areas and systems that we can find in an infrastructure or railway vehicle and different levels of functionalities in order to cover our clients’ needs and integrate the platform with the existing systems.

LEVEL 1 – DIGITALIZATION: This level on the platform digitizes all the maintenance activities and gives the users access to the information that need to facilitate their work with a simple and intuitive multiplatform solution. Some of the functionalities are:

LEVEL 2 – MONITORING: This level provides real-time information on the infrastructure in a safe and non-intrusive manner, and personalized solutions adapted to the infrastructure, environment, and the conditions to monitor. To do this IMAS+® incorporates the functionalities of an IoT platform using the open-source platform FIWARE to be able to collect a huge amount of data with a wide range of different sensors and systems.


LEVEL 3 – PREDICTION: This level includes specific predictive maintenance tools that help to schedule in advance all maintenance activities and to optimize maintenance costs. Automatic anomaly inspection and detection: The IMAS+® can detect hidden anomalies in data and explore factors that influence them using unsupervised machine learning applications.

Digitalization is one of the main priorities in the infrastructure sector and its future depends on it. That is why Limmat Group is committed to developing technological products, such as the IMAS+®, which improve the safety, availability, and maintenance efficiency of infrastructures and railway vehicles.

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