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KMD Context Management Platform enables customers to contextrualize data across all their IoT sensors, system data, and 3rd party sources in Smart Data Models, enabling them to link data in new constellations and easily build custom applications. The platform is an ideal fit for municipalities

Increase the value of your data

Our platform helps you create context for your data across IoT, data warehouses, data lakes, and BI databases. The data you already have provides context in our platform. It delivers data into standardized data models managed in the platform, enabling the services consuming the data to translate them into real value.

Reclaim control of your data

Whether you have just started a few IoT projects or already have an active IoT strategy, it will be valuable to consolidate data in one platform. You gain control and scalability because your data sources become standardized into models through which your services and applications can utilize data across your data sources and IoT projects

Customer case: City of Aarhus

Aarhus is the second-largest in Denmark and is a driving force in the GovTech Midtjylland technology community that encompasses 16 municipalities.

Its Smart City Strategy focuses on using technology and innovation to improve green transition, sustainability, mobility, and quality of life for its residents.

The strategy includes initiatives such as smart mobility solutions, energy-efficient buildings, and digital solutions for citizen engagement.

Aarhus leverages the KMD Data Context Platform based on the NEC NGSI-LD Scorpio Broker to strategically approach municipal operations. This platform enables the municipality to consolidate scattered IoT projects, by breaking down silos and collecting and storing data across projects for immediate or future value creation.

Customer case: DOLL Living Lab

DOLL is a unique living lab where private and public actors can test, showcase, and be inspired by cutting-edge technology in a “one-stop shop” . At DOLL you can find the latest Smart City technologies, intelligent traffic systems, and outdoor lighting solutions.

DOLL utilizes the KMD Data Context Platform to improve urban environments by compiling sensor data from street lighting, traffic patterns, noise, air pollution, and public weather data. The platform enables DOLL to create a digital twin, fostering more complex use cases across data types, and allowing stakeholders to explore IoT-based applications.

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