Powered by FIWARE: JIG - SmartAppCity (Internet of Things,Data Analytics)

SmartAppCity brings together all the city services and information in one single app.

SmartAppCity brings together all the city services and information. Some examples of the data provided by the app are: arrival information on public transportation, traffic cameras, alerts, municipal news and events, open pharmacies, gas stations prices, tourist information and routes, city street guide, shopping, weather forecast, radars, public Wi-Fi zones, parks, free parking spots, environmental parameters…

The app is addressed to the citizens and tourists of a city. Under a public-private partnership (PPP) framework, the municipality shows its open data to serve the citizens, and the city shops and businesses offer their products and services.

The app is based on a technological and competitive differentiation about what exists for the problem solution, as well as it has a great market potential for making relevant use of cloud technologies and the existing open data of the city.

Nowadays there are many companies in the world creating mobile applications, some of them also implement applications targeted to citizens offering some type of data related to their city. There is no App that covers all the services and all the information provided by the local government to citizens, and that also integrates geolocation of local shops and businesses and, with all the information generated by the user, provide intelligence to the system on behalf of the public administrations, local businesses and even the own citizen that increase the quality of services they receive.

The SmartAppCity project covers the three pillars supporting a smart city: public administration, citizens and local business:

The local administration knows the impressions of citizens and the impact of their decisions by analyzing the provided social information , and by opening a new communication channel. The city shops and businesses use this technology as a geo-marketing tool to open a specific communication channel with References/Customers or prospective References/Customers. The citizens use a channel to provide updated information about life in the city sharing information about their culture, habits or infrastructures and road conditions.

Seal of Excellence by the European Commission for its successful in a highly competitive evaluation process as an innovative project. Most innovative App and Greatest Potential Application, at the world biggest app competition at the FIWARE Smart Cities Challenge in Brazil (among 423 apps for Smart Cities from 23 countries). Cities Summit London 2014: LLGA Awards finalist: "Using technology to enhance commerce" category. Berlin’s EIT ICT Lab Challenge winners. Best App of the year at La Rioja Internet Awards 2013. Selected among the best TOP 10 projects at European Accelerator FINODEX 2015-2016 (among 297 proposals). Finalists at the Global City Teams Challenge 2016 in Austin (Texas, USA). Finalists at the Spanish Creative Cup 2016 in Malaga (Spain). Winners of the Madrid Smart Lab Program for the challenge: “Improving information access and quality of life for citizens”. Best App at the Smart Cities Awards 2015 by the Spanish Socinfo Foundation. Selected by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade as one of the 4 successful cases of PPP at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2013 (the only App selected) for their potential to Latin American markets. “Benidorm Smart City” awards finalist, inside the XVII International Forum: Strategies for Smart Destinations. FP7 Future Internet PPP partner inside the FIWARE consortium. Iberoeka trilateral collaboration (Mexico-Spain-France) inside the Culturemobile consortium. Selected for the Open Innovation Marketplace 2013, 2014 and 2015 inside the Smart City Expo World Congress. Citizen Innovation App Awards finalist in Mar del Plata (Argentina). Smart City App Hack SCAH-FIWARE Competition 2015 finalists (just 18 apps worldwide were selected). Selected for the Cambridge Gateway Program 2015. Selected as a Best Practice by the RAMUD (Réseau d’action en matière de mobilité urbaine durable) Mediterranean Initiative inside the IEVP (Instrument Européen de Voisinage).

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