Powered by FIWARE: Hostabee - B-keep (Artificial Intelligence,Big Data,Internet of Things)

Hostabee has developed a connected module, named « B-Keep », associated with a web app, that allows beekeepers to remotely track the life cycle of their bee colonies.

Hostabee is the world’s first connected device able to protect and manage beehives in the best way for bees and the environment. Placed in the beehive, Hostabee monitors the temperature and humidity per hour in the beehive. Those 2 parameters are enough to know the health state of the bees colony. Temperature and humidity changes might indicate that hive-off is about to come, or laying is starting. Hostabee works on a Sigfox/LoRa connexion, low energy and zero waves in the hive. Hostabee is a global solution, and a dedicated network can be established for massive beekeepers.

Up to 30% of the bee colonies disappear each year. The menace is huge. Bees are the main pollinators. No bees, no plants, no fruits, no vegetables. In China, people are paid for handmade pollination, and in other countries, some are starting to use drones. This is nonsense. The majority of these deaths are caused by the lack of diversity in their food, due to intensive agriculture, a lack of care from beekeepers, and the varroa parasite, a sort of mite that kills colonies. Hostabee developed an artificial intelligence by “signatures”. Signature crosses parameters to determine the menace: varroa alert, humidity alert, swapping alert… and act in consequence, in prevention.

Hostabee takes place in the world market of beekeeping. In Europe there are 15 million beehives, in the USA there are 10 million (2 million in California). USA bee farms are the biggest, some weight 50.000 beehives. Hostabee faces critical challenges: saving bees, avoiding the food chain explosion and enhancing the quality of honey production. The world honey consumption is today 1,9B tons (19B$ per year). With Hostabee, technology brings relief to Nature!

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Hostabee B-keep