Powered by FIWARE: Helix - Helix (Internet of Things)

A microservice platform based on FIWARE

The Helix Platform is an enabler system for managing Smart Environments in a simple and agile way, whether you are in the cloud or on-premise. An integrated platform that allows the monitoring of Smart Environments, the Helix platform was designed to serve not only large but also SMEs customers, allowing deployment in the most various infrastructures economically and flexibly. . In addition to the use of Generic Enables powered by FIWARE, the platform also provides an integration panel that allows an easy system setup, as well as monitoring the infrastructure where the platform is installed, facilitating the prediction and control of the system's scalability.

Why Helix?

By using ICT technologies, a Smart Environment can improve the services provided, whether these are public or private entities, and also experience the optimization of its production and operation costs. In this way, the Helix solution allows obtaining and integrating data from different sources, enabling the generation of reports and the triggering of alarms from the data obtained.

Helix IoT

And why not go for a fully integrated solution within the Helix ecosystem. The Helix IoT tracking cards allow data collection from various machines, equipment, or urban structures. As part of an ecosystem designed to be integrated, the boards have an easy setup within the Helix platform and following FIWARE communication standards is also compatible with other certified platforms

We work as part of the FIWARE Lab São Paulo group, and through the years we feel the necessity of an easy deployment of FIWARE that could help startups and developers to prove their concepts. FIWARE’s current modules ask the user to spend much time reading the documentation to make a module work and even more time to get different modules to work together.

Integration Since the development of a simple, friendly, and customizable User Interface to an IoT device, the entire Helix ecosystem was designed to have a simple integration. Allowing customers to spend their time on their business activities. The courses and workshops held by the Helix team also aim to facilitate the client's daily life and give their IT teams more freedom to think, develop and propose new solutions in partnership with Helix.

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