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Senda care is a modular platform, a new service designed with features such as the care of people who need support through their own network of relatives.

Senda Care is a mobile app. We have developed a modular platform that has the following features:

Another feature is that families with economical difficulties every month can apply to share the home with the elderly. This is suitable for families who have lost their homes. In fact, this model already exists in some Universities, where young people can share their home with the elderly, in exchange for doing the shopping, making dinner, and taking care of other minor things. We are introducing this model to families at risk of social exclusion, and to match them with other areas of the population that are also isolated and at risk of social exclusion. This way, it’s a win-win..

The digital lock is a key advantage in our system, because in case of an emergency (for example, if the elderly falls down and lies unconscious on the ground), if he or she has the GPS device, it will detect the fall, notify the family and relatives, or caregivers, who can then open the door remotely for the emergency services once they arrive at the home. Without digital locks, they would need to wait for police or firefighters to open the door, or wait for someone with the physical keys. This saves a valuable time.

Our stakeholders are:

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