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GymCraft connects any fitness device to its virtual reality exercise game platform through PC or mobile and lets the user dive into exciting 3D online worlds.

GymCraft is a software platform and game development company which is interactively connecting people from all over the world. By pushing the boundaries of virtual reality and virtual worlds they provide users with a fully immersive and socially connected real-time fitness experience. Increasing the motivation, enjoyment, competition and social interaction of exercising at home, in a gym and the corporate environment. The startup is based in London and Málaga where it sets course to create a game changer in the industry.

Their first development is a game called “FreeDriverVR”. The revolutionary technology at its foundation enables stationary fitness bikes to be used as a game controller. This technology is now extracted into their inter-operative platform called "SuperPlay". It allows developers (through the SuperPlay SDK) to activate fitness games and development for their own third-party content. Gaining access to an ecosystem that is already supporting some of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers (FEMs) in the world. In the SuperPlay shop References/Customers are provided with a PC, mobile, VR, or 2D titles to make the most of their workout and manage their activities through one central interface. Their first launch title "FreeDriverVR" is tested already and is available for most Kettler ergometers.

GymCraft collects astonishing amounts of fitness and vital data. Here arises a huge opportunity to enrich the data sets by third-party sensors or IoT data. With these enhanced data sets training plans could be generated by an AI, considering food plans, steps walked each day, or the actual heart rate collected by a smartwatch or fitness sensors. The training plans would directly impact procedurally generated workouts in the games.

GymCraft is about to tackle the problem of the so-called “adherence”. This means that people do not follow the suggestions a doctor or trainer gives them. For example, when teenagers already get diagnosed with diabetes type II, movement will help them to encounter the disease. GymCraft games help to keep up the motivation and to keep track of the training by subliminal triggering game addictive elements such as rewarding performance, leveling, and collecting.

Through the unique GC Connectivity SDK GymCraft can activate over 25 Million existing devices worldwide. GymCraft addresses a huge market and aims to serve software for home exercise as well as in the gym or corporate.

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