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greenApes is the digital platform rewarding sustainable actions and ideas. A free social network for citizens, a powerful tool for smart cities, and a customizable enterprise solution to engage customers and employees.

greenApes is a certified Benefit Corporation, founded with the mission of promoting sustainable lifestyles via digital solutions. A fun and inspiring solution for your lifestyle, for your company, and your city. greenApes can be integrated with third-party apps to reward your eco-friendly behaviors: from biking to car-sharing, from choosing renewable energy to recycling and purchasing sustainable products.

On greenApes you will get to share your ideas and actions with others, and earn rewards for doing so. As you share your sustainable actions and ideas you will earn BankoNuts. You can use your BankoNuts to claim real life rewards offered by our partners, venues, and companies who care about the planet. Join a jungle populated with inspiring stories, a great community and earn real life rewards for your positive impact!

Promoting sustainable lifestyles is one of the greatest challenges of our times. greenApes is here to help you, whether you’re a citizen, a public institution, a local NGO, or any other agent of change. By joining greenApes you’ll get access to many inspiring stories on sustainability and ecological living and earn real rewards for your positive impact.

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