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Fueloyal developed three unique and proprietary IoT sensors: Smart Fuel Cap, Vehicle sensor, and Asset sensor to improve driving behaviour and safety, reduce fuel consumption and optimize fuel purchases.

Fueloyal developed three unique and proprietary IoT sensors:

All these devices are installed in the vehicles for the purpose of collecting 1000 data points a day. The collected data is mined, synthesized, and converted into actionable insights for the purpose of improving driving behavior and safety, reducing fuel consumption and optimizing fuel purchases, proactively performing predictive maintenance with derived reduction of costs and vehicle downtime.

All devices can be installed either by hardwire or plug & play via OBD Port or any other diagnostic port which makes them very easy to install and use without creating huge downtime or expensive installation cost.

We at Fueloyal are proud to announce that on top of all the already existing advantages we have recently partnered with T-Mobile and Hellenic Oil & Gas to provide our References/Customers (in the area of Macedonia) with unique deals for buying cheaper fuel at gas stations. Fueloyal is also exploring similar partnerships in countries where fleets using its solutions operate.

This way, in addition to optimizing usage and reducing the vehicle and driver tear and wear based on the analysis of context data gathered from sensors, we are also adding one extra layer of savings by providing discounts on gas stations without changing the user experience. This will allow them to use our solution at a fraction of the cost and in some cases, the customer can even make money by using Fueloyal.

Companies operating fleets of vehicles are losing up to 30%* of all money due to poor driving behaviour and inadequate fleet management. These inefficiencies are preventing the transportation and logistics cost to be reduced to the needed level, which in the end hurts all the consumers in the way of overpaying consumer retail products due to inefficient transportation.

Fuel is the biggest expense any trucking or company operating fleet of vehicles has - up to 35% of all revenue goes on fuel and for that reason, fuel management is the most important and ranked in the 1st place among most wanted features among fleet managers. (Source: Continental Mobility Study 2016, The Connected Truck)

All the losses are directly transferred to consumers which are hurt in a way of over-paying retail products. For example, up to 20% of the retail price of a bottle of water may correspond to transportation costs. As a consequence, all consumers are paying for more expensive products due to poor fleet management. Company procedures, inadequate fuel and vehicle management combined with poor driver behaviour are the three main factors behind all those losses.

Regarding company procedures - Introduced by owners or directors and aligned with fleet managers, very few companies gather and monitor data to better understand areas in which to optimize and save money.

On the other hand, regarding fuel and vehicle management, drivers as decision makers are lacking data on where to buy the cheapest fuel on the road. Instead of making the most cost-effective decision, they are deciding on where to buy fuel based on their personal pReference Material (where they like restaurants, toilets, coffee quality) which makes companies lose up to 300 EUR month/vehicle.

Last but not least, poor driving behaviours (e.g., unsafe and too aggressive driving) are increasing the wear and tear of the vehicles and equipment, generating multi-billion EUR losses a year.

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