Powered by FIWARE: Floud - Floud (Internet of Things,Data Analytics)

FLOUD is an innovative, flexible, and low-cost platform which offers the collection and analysis of things that flow (e.g., bicycles, vehicles, people).

Based on sensors equipped with advanced video analysis software, FLOUD is the answer to our smart cities’ need for minimally invasive systems to improve transport management. The first key market application of the FLOUD system is flow-data provision for urban planning and operation.

This refers to public authorities, particularly small and medium-sized cities, who require data for their transport/mobility management measures. It also refers to professionals (e.g. consultants, developers) that require data for their work and to companies investing in smart city products.

The recent push towards Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) within modern-day smart cities requires a large amount of high-quality data in real-time. These include traffic, bicycles, and people flow. The latter two are of particular importance to promote eco-friendly mobility plans and support the shift towards sustainable behaviors.

However, there is a significant industrial and economic problem related to traffic monitoring. While high-tech monitoring technologies, based on inductive loops, cameras, ultrasound, radio waves, to cite but a few, have existed for some time, public and private organizations continue to rely largely on manual counts or other limited forms of data collection.

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