Powered by FIWARE: FIWOO - FIWOO (Artificial Intelligence,Big Data,Cloud Computing,Internet of Things,Open Data)

FIWOO is an IoT-Editor platform, which allows users to create any entity without the need for computer knowledge. Everything can be created without a single line of code. Any user can create their panels, connect their devices, and generate smart rules through a simple graphic interface.

FIWOO is a horizontal no-code platform based on FIWARE for the management of IoT applications and services.

For the first time, a platform allows you to coordinate your operational needs (apps or verticals) with your strategic vision (smartboards) by combining real-time data.

There are IoT verticals for specific needs that become information silos. FIWOO creates, integrates, and groups verticals and use cases into a single smart ecosystem.

Its benefits include:

FIWOO continues its expansion in the market with projects in different areas: