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Farm Dog: Keeping agricultural fields healthy from pest and disease. With Farm Dog, growers transition from a completely offline decision-making process to a digital one

Farm Dog’s precision agriculture solution for pest and disease management provides the industry with the tools necessary to optimize pest and disease treatments, increase yields, and promote environmental sustainability. Utilizing a mobile-cloud analytics platform (think a combination of agronomist with crowd-sourced Waze with WebMD), Farm Dog’s technology ensures that fields get the right treatment, at the right amount, at the right time, and at the right location.

With Farm Dog, growers transition from a completely offline decision-making process to a digital one. Utilizing Farm Dog’s easy-to-use interface, growers, while walking in their fields, submit field observations such as pest or disease observed in the field, its severity level, geo-markers on where the observation was made, and photographs. This digitization, compared to today’s pen-and-paper process, provides significant time savings from day 1.

More importantly, digitization of in-field observations creates opportunities for analytics such as historical and field-by-field comparisons, crowd-sourced regional alerts, and treatment efficacy analysis, which Farm Dog provides.

By 2050, farmers need to grow 70% more to feed our growing population. Making that challenge harder are the social and regulatory pressures to accomplish that goal while reducing environmental impact. To support agricultural production today, farmers spend $60 billion annually on pesticides. Despite this expense, growers still suffer 20% to 40% crop loss due to pest and disease, equivalent to $500 billion of lost yields, and adversely affect the environment. The industry is far from meeting its 2050 challenge.

Farm Dog protects hundreds of thousands of hectares around the world and is working together with the largest of agricultural organizations, including governments and publicly-exchange companies.

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