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Digital Enabler TM is the Engineering’s ecosystem platform supporting the entire value chain of data, from the discovery to the analysis, harmonization, and visualization.

Digital Enabler TM looks for potential unknown data sources available on the web, real-time data coming from IoT devices, open data portals, legacy systems, data not processable, and makes all these information systems speak with one another, evaluating the quality of metadata and avoiding duplication. All the data sources are transformed into meaningful information accessible through the user interface and standard APIs.

Thanks to graphical and map-based innovative tools, decision-makers and developers can design data correlations, to design and create reusable interactive dashboards analyzing and visualizing data at the right-time. Digital Enabler harmonizes real-time information to adjust, for instance, public transport supply.

Dashboards/apps can be organized in domains like environment, mobility, or manufacturing and be used by businesses and developers to create new reusable services and apps that can be portable and replicable in different contexts. Digital Enabler makes free from any lock-in and embeds the following main functionalities: Automatic Discovery of data sources

Data info collection and quality assessment: Detection of data sources from the web and support in the creation of the “Single Point of Knowledge (SPOK)”

Data Integration and Harmonization: Possibility to graphically integrate data coming from different data sources and wrap any kind of data structure in NGSI LD FIWARE Data Models

Automatic deduction of new information based on a repository of machine learning models and algorithms that can be composed through a specific tool for data scientists. Analyze and render data through user-friendly dashboards and mobile apps: Assisted creation of apps and dashboards relying on data present in the SPOK, that are reusable among different customers. Full compliance with the EU GDPR covering both consents and personal data management Digital Enabler is fully compliant with OASC (Open & Agile Smart Cities) principles, in particular:

Open to other platforms through standard APIs (Application Program Interface) Portable and replicable, ensuring independence for vendors and full access to the local digital ecosystem It covers all the three compliance levels with the Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (MIMs)

For more information, please contact: Lanfranco Marasso (lanfranco.marasso@eng.it) and Giovanni Aiello (giovanni.aiello@eng.it)

Data providers are used to applying heterogeneous technical solutions. Information systems are closed within different siloes and therefore it is extremely hard to get access to available knowledge, actually scattered, and not valuable. Moreover, Decision makers, Businesses and Citizens often are not aware of available urban data and their quality, and are victims of several lock-ins (e.g. vendors and technology).

Citizens, Public Administrations, Data Providers and Companies Jointly Collaborate to consume and produce Urban Data, and to co-create Urban Services

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