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CuraVesta© is an assistance system, which was developed by ENGINEERING for home care. As a Health solution, it supports people who care for and nurse their relatives at home.

CuraVesta© takes on this problem. This application software for mobile devices such as smartphones assists in the phase of preparation as well as in the phase of daily care. It is designed to provide effective and lasting support to people who care for their relatives and enable them to live independently and safely at home.

The innovative mHealth service is available to the person providing care as well as the person in need of care, anytime, and anywhere. The system consists of three main components that support home care:

  1. Module daily routine with assisting documentation and control of the nursing progress.
  2. Electronic patient file with export function and link to family and GP.
  3. Accelerated application and order processes as well as time management with cost objects and care providers (supplier independent).
  4. Supplier independent integration of digital medical products and AAL.
  5. Multimedia transfer of nursing know-how.
  6. The advice of experienced nursing personnel and doctors using the patient file via video communication (support center).
  7. The assisting system will be provided in a restricted basic version and – if user acceptance is proved - it will be further developed in at least three stages.

In Germany, at least 1.9 million people are cared for at home by 4.5 million relatives. In more than two-thirds of these cases, no outpatient care service is involved! Caring for a person at home means a physically and mentally challenging task and a huge responsibility for the relatives. The users primarily care for relatives such as children, spouses, or other relatives.

Therefore, it is an important goal to reduce the risk of stress reactions of care-giving persons due to overwork and social isolation. In this context, important questions often arise that require reliable answers. The whole daily routine also changes and requires a structured and efficient organization.

Existing health care services and necessary information about home care are distributed heterogeneously on the internet or offline and have to be collected and managed by carers through time-consuming research when needed.

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