Powered by FIWARE: EGM - Connected Canteens (Data Analytics,Screens and Display,Sensory Systems)

This solution includes connected weighing scales under the bins to provide information on the weight of organic and non-organic waste from an individual and overall perspective. This solution allows canteens to raise awareness and help to adapt menus and quantities.

ASSESSMENT Between 30 and 40% of food is wasted in school canteens

SOLUTION Using weight sensors underneath the bins, pupils can be told how much waste there is on the day and how it changes over the days and months. Results are presented on a web platform or an application.

ROI This solution allows: *improvement of menu quality by refining meal proposals and quantities *gamification between schools in a town to be the one that produces the least waste *possibility of using bio-waste to make compost *awareness-raising actions with pupils based on concrete data

Canteens, especially in school catering, waste a significant amount of food.

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