Powered by FIWARE: EGM - Carpool Parking (Advanced or High Performance Computing,Cloud Computing,Mobility and Location)

This camera allows us to count entries and exits in a carpool park and to determine whether the cars parked are indeed intended for carpooling. This device allows our clients to have tangible statistics on the occupation of a car park.


The solution has been conceptualized to measure the impact and the use of car parks. The solution integrates artificial intelligence algorithms allowing the detection of cars and statistics (distribution of parking times, determination and counting of carpoolers, counting of "suction cars", etc.) The statistics are displayed via a customized dashboard.


For cities or municipalities they want to know if their car parks are really used for carpooling.

*Departmental council of the Pyrénées-Orientales https://www.ledepartement66.fr/

EGM Carpool Parking