Powered by FIWARE: DKSR - Open Urban Data Platform (Data Analytics,Open Data,Cloud Computing)

With the DKSR Open Urban Data Platform (OUP), we offer to make digital solutions transferable, scalable, and easily applicable for every municipality.

The Open Urban Data Platform (OUP) is the basic building block for the use of digital solutions to achieve sustainable and public welfare-oriented urban development. Via the OUP, urban data can be integrated, networked, and used to meet challenges in various areas of urban design.

An open platform approach such as DKSR's OUP has the enormous advantage that data sets from different systems can be easily added, harmonized, and linked: This way, data-based solutions that individual municipalities develop are easily and quickly scalable and transferable and can contribute to the efficient management of similar tasks in numerous municipalities beyond organizational and city boundaries.

DKSR Open Urban Data Platform