Powered by FIWARE: DIH Faubourg Numérique - somware.space (Data Spaces,Digital Twins,Gamification,Simulation,Virtual,Augmented and Extended Reality)

A piece of the Metaverse fully connected to powered by FIWARE solutions: you can use the somware.space as virtual showroom, as a simulation environment, and even as a digital control room of real assets. You just have to make you solution \"FIWARE ready\" !!! Ready for the immersive experience??

somware.space is an immersive environment available 7/7 , 24/24. It's fully open source in ts design and its main dependencies (FIWARE, three.js, node.js). It's flexible: start small, scale - or fail! - fast :)

Engage your customers, your colleagues, your communities to figure out how to work, play or just think together through shared immersive, creative and productive experiences!

CO2Mute City of Saint-Quentin Herne Digital

CEFAT4Cities hackathon double winner (Berlin TXL + Vienna) Meta TXL Demo Managing Data Models and Exposing Digital Twins

DIH Faubourg Numérique somware.space