Powered by FIWARE: Digitalilusion - Outbarriers (Internet of Things,Sensory Systems)

We make businesses visible for everyone, including blind people, thanks to our accessible beacon solution. Today Outbarriers is a reality with an objective to make this world a better place for all of us. A world where the cities are adapted for their citizens and not vice versa.

Blind people want to discover new places, whether the goal is to go shopping or to grab a beer. Cities must be universally accessible to be considered a Smart City. Shops, restaurants and businesses need to be more competitive against the rise of great companies offering online shopping, bookings and reviews. Outbarriers is the solution for all these problems with its help making places visible for everyone, mixing universal accessibility with tools to enhance stores and cities.

Our App is available for iOS and Android, and with it, you can have the experience of how helpful it is to blind people on a daily basis.

If you want your company to be visible to everybody, all you need to do is put an Outbarriers beacon at the entrance. How does the beacon work? It is autonomous, discrete and does not require any internet connection. If the beacon is placed by the door, it will notify all the people that have the app that your company supports Outbarriers. From the control panel you will be able to set up all the information about your business: accessibility, offers, promotions, and more.

Outbarriers is born from the need of helping blind people discover what’s around them and explore with security/confidence and accuracy new places and trade shops, by themselves, and with total autonomy.

One blind friend brought to our awareness that cities are not accessible at all for them, moving with GPS and without accessibility information. We, as engineers, used all of our knowledge and experience to come up with a solution. The community of the visually impaired guided our development to the problem and FIWARE was our shuttle.

Thanks to the support of FIWARE, the mass media and businesses, today Outbarriers is fully functional/used in more than 300 businesses, but also in hospitals, museums and bus stops with an objective to make this world a better place for all of us. A world where cities are adapted to its citizens and not vice versa.

Today, Outbarriers makes more than 300 places visible between Madrid, Granada and Córdoba, and in the next months it will reach 1.000 thanks to the contracts with big partners and cities. In turn, it is useful for thousands of users.

Digitalilusion Outbarriers