Powered by FIWARE: Connect Robotics - Drone 2 Me (Internet of Things,Data Analytics)

Drone delivery as a Service, for a logistic operator to easily start using drones for transport between their own distribution sites or to end consumers.

Connect Robotics facilitates the use drones for delivery, the service includes: - an off-the-shelf aircraft with the automation software (which runs on a smartphone that flies with the drone) - an UTM (UAV Traffic Management) cloud server for multiple flight management, fleet management, autonomous flight path generation with updated information about regulatory requirements. - the Drone2.Me portal, with data of consumers and businesses interested in using drones for deliveries and a payment system for convenience. Logistics operators, medicine distributors, postal service, food distributors and e-retailers will benefit from faster deliveries, with a reduced cost, precise schedule, and provide visibility to its clients. End consumers can have a precise delivery schedule, and this can prevent returns for distributors.

Logistic distributors struggle to offer a quick express delivery with/at a competitive price. They fail to meet the scheduled delivery time and to offer a time window of 2~4h,they have between 5 to 10% of returns due to no one receiving the package. Some national/local logistic operators are subcontracted by international service providers (DHL, TNT, UPS, etc.) but struggle to offer the same service level at the subcontracted price and need alternatives to meet demand, impacting cost and profit. Delivery to rural areas and hard-to-reach regions are expensive, time-consuming (natural barriers, poor infrastructure) and hard to optimize, while urban areas have always increased traffic.

We are in negotiations for CTT (the postal service in Portugal) to start using Drones in their operation.

Connect Robotics Drone 2 Me