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Stop-buy is a smart parking solution favoring rapid rotation of vehicles and stimulation of local commerce. It guides users to the nearest parking and optimizes operational efficiencies for parking managers.

Stop- buy is a smart parking solution favoring rapid rotation of vehicles and stimulation of local commerce. Stop - buy zones, offering short duration parking, are set-up in nearby commercial areas across the city. Each zone is composed of parking spots equipped with sensors, detecting the presence of cars and recording their parking duration. The solution includes a mobile app advising users of available parking and navigating them to the nearest spot, and enabling navigation to the available space. Once checked-in, the timer on the app advises on time remaining, controllers are informed real-time of elapsed parking duration, allowing for efficient fine-handling of cars in breach. Parking managers receive statistics on usage patterns per parking and comparative analysis between periods (hours, days, etc.). Finally, retailers may incentivize shopping by offering digital parking time extensions to shoppers. Stop-buy offers considerable advantages to all parties involved:

Stop-buy aims to solve the problem of traffic congestion due to lengthy parking search. 30% of traffic congestion is due to searching for a parking spot. Insufficient parking capacity in city centers results in cars cruising for space and making it unpredictable to plan shopping visits. In addition, due to lengthy/long stays of vehicles during the day, each parking spot generated less than three rotations a day.

The parking meters in place cannot address the low rotation issue, and the steward resources are often insufficient to reduce parking infringement. The impact on local retailers is considerable and requires innovative action to reduce parking search while increasing parking rotation and shopping incentives.

Live deployments in the cities of: - Belgium: Mons, Mechelen, Bree, - Netherlands: Utrecht, Leusden Other deployments on-going in several other cities are to be announced soon.

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