Powered by FIWARE: Civity - Sniffer Bike (Internet of Things,Data Analytics,Open Data)

A mobile sensor on bikes that measures the air quality, routes, and road conditions every 10 seconds, provides open data, and shows advanced insights.

Sniffer Bike is a mobile solution that is mounted to the bicycle steer. Every 10 seconds the GPS location and air quality is measured. With Sniffer Bike we measure:

PM10: 0-500 μg/m3 PM2.5: 0-500 μg/m3 PM1.0: 0-500 μg/m3 Location: GPS Irregularities in the road Temperature: -40°C to 125°C Humidity: 0% tot 80% Barometric pressure: Pa Time Volatile Organic Compounds

All data is sent through LTE-M to the Orion Contextbroker and Cygnus. All data is provided through CKAN as open data. Sniffer Bike collaborates with the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). All air quality data is also sent to the RIVM for validation and calibration of the data against the official measuring stations. It increases the value of the data. All data is visualized in a dashboard and available through the FIWARE NGSI API (based on the air quality data model).

Bad air quality is a cause of many health-related problems. On the other hand cities and regions are heavily promoting cycling as a healthy transportation alternative. At this moment there is little insight into where people cycle and where the hot spots are for bad air quality during the day. Current measurements are based on models and cover a large area. Detailed insight (time, location) is missing. Data-driven policies to improve air quality and cycle routes are hard to implement.

References/Customers and Partners:

This project is developed in collaboration with the province of Utrecht and municipalities in the Utrecht region. Since then, other provinces and municipalities have also joined. Also local (cycling and sustainability) communities are participating. Non-profit organizations like the cyclist union and the RIVM are also partners.

Civity Sniffer Bike