Powered by FIWARE: Breeze Technologies - Environmental Intelligence Suite (Artificial Intelligence,Big Data,Data Analytics,Internet of Things,Sensory Systems)

Breeze Technologies' Environmental Intelligence Suite consists of indoor and outdoor air quality sensors, and the Environmental Intelligence Cloud, a SaaS data analytics platform for large air quality datasets. It supports cities, businesses and NGOs to collect and analze air quality in real time.

Breeze Technologies helps cities and businesses create better clean air action plans and a more liveable environment based on the internet of things and artificial intelligence. The company provides lower-cost air quality sensors that measure all common air pollutants. Sensor data is calibrated in real-time by the Environmental Intelligence Cloud, greatly increasing accuracy and reliability of the solution. The EI Cloud provides advanced analytics and intelligence tools to identify trends and manage targeted action. Smart algorithms suggest the most efficient and effective clean air actions based on a catalogue of more than 3,500 measures. The platform also connects cities to potential suppliers of those clean air actions, and tracks their effect and efficiency to create a fully-agile clean air action plan. Collected data can also be dissiminated to the public through a global air quality citizen platform, and citizens can be involved in measurement campaigns as sensor hosts.

Air pollution is the single biggest environmental health threat of our time, killing 7 million people and costing the world economy 5 trillion USD per year. Data-driven decision making remains unfeasible as sensing equipment is expensive, stakeholders lack necessary knowledge to analyse the data and suitable interventions are unknown. Though they share both sources and solutions, climate change and air pollution are often treated as separate issues. Addressing them together could create immediate and substantive effects for the world’s most vulnerable by reducing climate change and delivering local health and development benefits.

Breeze Technologies Environmental Intelligence Suite