Powered by FIWARE: Breeze Technologies - Breeze Environmental Intelligence Cloud (Internet of Things,Data Analytics,Sensory Systems)

Breeze Technologies enables cities and corporates to create a more liveable environment by providing actionable insights based on environmental sensor data.

Breeze Technologies provides an environmental intelligence platform: It delivers hyperlocal comprehensive and accurate air quality data from public and private data sources and low-cost sensors, as well as insights based on recent scientific and medical studies and actionable recommendations from a growing, self-learning catalog of more than 3.500 interventions.

Breeze's air quality sensors are up to 50.000 times smaller and up to 1.000 times cheaper than traditional measurement devices. Breeze offers a simple and easy-to-use UI. For businesses, we explain the effects of the current air quality situation, predict possible improvements using different tools and methods and also provide a marketplace with vendors offering air quality improvement solutions. For cities, Breeze gives the planning and environmental departments access to holistic and high-resolution live data. Breeze also offers a standardized API and is integrable with standard industry solutions like building management systems and business intelligence software.

Air pollution is the biggest environmental health threat of our time, killing 7 million people and costing the world economy 5 trillion USD per year. Data-driven decision making remains unfeasible as sensing equipment is expensive, stakeholders lack the necessary knowledge to analyze the data and suitable interventions are unknown.

District of Hamburg-Rothenburgsort InfraLab Berlin

FIWARE Business Success Story *ship Global Startup Challenge (GSC) 2017 Winner (04.2017) WE DO DIGITAL award / DIHK & German chambers of industry and commerce (05.2017) Deutschland: Land der Ideen (Germany: Land of Ideas / incl. distinction from German president) (06.2017) Power To Idea Accelerator (06.2017) TechFounders Accelerator (07.2017) Hamburger Gründerpreis (Hamburg Founders' Award) (09.2017) EU Top 50 (11.2017) Science4Life: Idea Phase (11.2017)

Breeze Technologies Breeze Environmental Intelligence Cloud