Powered by FIWARE: Atos - MASAI (Internet of Things,Additive Manufacturing,Data Analytics)

MASAI is an efficient data integration software for manufacturing systems allowing to collect data from a variety of IoT Devices in the manufacturing domain (Industry 4.0), that is not entirely covered by existing proprietary solutions.

MASAI is a Data Collector and System Integrator middleware component focused on IoT devices developed based on the experience gained in Manufacturing. MASAI is composed of a set of components that tackle three different issues: communication, management of the devices and handling of data.

Today's enterprises are linearly organized and optimized within the boundaries of companies and system silos, while companies of the future will fulfill individual customer needs by using a collaborative and agile network of capabilities. In this context, IoT will have an important role in the vertical and horizontal integration of systems. New IT technologies allow us to retrieve, connect and interpret all the data generated during the manufacturing process. Making use of that data will help companies to have more control over their own processes, supporting them when decision making is needed and so, becoming more effective and competitive

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