Powered by FIWARE: Atos - Atos Cognitive Data Platform (Artificial Intelligence,Data Spaces,Digital Twins,Internet of Things,Mobility and Location)

Next-Gen Data Platform--One stop shop to your data platform Atos Cognitive Data Platform is a unique global framework, part of our Next-Gen Data Platform Portfolio, based on open, interoperable and standard building blocks. It allows all organizations to become data-driven decision making, leveraging from real-time data, analytics and AI. It helps leaders in their decision process providing actionable and objective insights whatever the field of expertise (sustainability, mobility, tourism, agriculture, energy, …).

ACdP (Atos Cognitive Data Platform) is addressing one of the main demanding type of solutions by societies and other customers: the aggregation of data from diverse information sources (sensors, social networks, open data portals, historical data, management systems, and many more) to developed context-aware applications and provide smart services to citizens, municipalities and business companies.

ACdP is following a commonly adopted approach by many cities and IT providers in the world by relying on the NGSI standard, which is currently providing the unique standard API to access context information. The integration of diverse technologies to provide business intelligence, efficient management of IoT devices, context management of data, advanced visualization of analyzed data, and overall security approach is positioning Atos as a good IT provider for your smart city challenge. Atos is also providing the cities and customers with the analysis of the use cases and business scenarios which may provide a better response to their needs and provide an added value and better service to the citizens and users.

ACdP has been developed using the most novel technologies both in the backend and frontend. The solution is easy integration with any external system via API (ERPs, issue management systems, etc); deployable both in the cloud and on-premise, according to customer’s needs; and replicable and customizable to each customer’s requirements. ACdP is relying on consolidated open source technologies in the market which facilitates the adoption and lowers the maintenance costs and prevents the vendor lock-in as the ACdP is delivered under open source as well. The support to the open-source components from FIWARE is guaranteed by the FIWARE Foundation and Atos is providing full support to the ACdP platform, keeping the evolution of the technology up to date. Thanks to the modularity of the platform architecture, a future extension to adapt it to new scenarios or to add new functionalities would be quite straightforward. The platform is scalable according to the volume of sensors, data, and services to provide the required level of service.

Local, regional or national governments willing to adopt a data driven platform for citizens. Ecosystem of stakeholders willing to implement a Data Space (tourism, sport events, mobility, decarbonization,…). Scenarios which require complex integration of existing platforms or systems.

Atos named a Leader in Smart Cities in Europe by IDC MarketScape

Atos Atos Cognitive Data Platform