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This cloud-based solution intelligently monitors and automates management of EV chargers and parking spaces on a per space / per user basis improving utilisation. End-users reserve their space in advance via an easy-to-use app with integrated payments, significantly reducing parking hassle.

At Accelogress Limited we help parking managers to increase revenue across car parks by optimising occupancy with our Save-a-Space cloud parking management platform. We help them in three ways:

And our platform can do much more. We can integrate with real-time space occupancy sensing hardware, such as Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), helping to monitor and manage parking spaces via the Save-a-Space dashboard. Save-a-Space smartly computes optimal parking options for drivers on route to destinations based on personal pReference Material, providing real-time availability and a pre-booking facility within the Save-a-Space end user app. Parking managers can gain insights through big data analysis with the opportunity to influence driver behaviour with time and location-specific offers and incentives, encouraging engagement with visitors and town centre retailers and businesses.

Save-a-Space has been successfully trialed in the UK with city centre parking providers and will shortly begin a commercial trial with a large regional UK transport authority

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