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[ui!] UrbanPulse is an open central data platform for urban data in real-time - based on a highly scalable architecture for data processing and analysis, with a special connector framework for the integration of sensors, urban management systems and Visualization of complex data with tiles and maps.

[ui!] UrbanPulse is the Open Urban Data Platform for cities, communities, utilities, and other organizations that want to reuse and repurpose new and existing urban data sources to create value-added services. The [ui!] UrbanPulse platform is the most efficient open urban platform with open APIs that makes it easy and affordable for small and large customers to integrate new and existing data sources, process and analyze data in near real-time. The platform also makes it possible to finally present and share the data with various stakeholders.

When you go live with [ui!] UrbanPulse, you get an Open Urban Data Platform (OUP) with over 130 supported data sources (connectors) for direct connection. Among them, you will find management, sensor systems, and IoT devices that have been developed thanks to many cities/communities within their smart city projects with [ui!] UrbanPulse and are immediately available. So you can start testing and implementing your project right away.

Using these existing data sources (connectors), data-driven services can be created or extended with a short implementation phase. This includes information on noise and environmental emissions, traffic issues such as volumes, real-time forecasts, and the intersection of different data sets. Transfer existing smart city use cases to your city/communities or region and adapt them to your circumstances.


The platform is implemented according to DIN Spec 91357, developed for Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) application and can be operated in a local data center for data sovereignty reasons.

Advancing urbanization and the associated challenges, including in urban and regional infrastructures, mobility and energy, requires a new, networked approach.

Resource-conserving and environmentally compatible actions on the one hand, and situation-appropriate and measured decision-making on the other, require extensive data from many, previously isolated systems within a community.

[ui!] supports cities, communities, counties, and regions in their efforts to collect, process and analyze all existing and anonymized urban data on a central data platform. We also help make this data available for new services as added value for cities, communities, and utility companies.

These solutions are based on an open urban data platform – the [ui!] UrbanPulse - where all data from a city’s various IT systems are fed into the system in order to be used for new smart city services in real-time. This meets the current requirements of DIN SPEC 91357 - Reference Architecture Model Open Urban Platform (OUP).

Using a large number of connectors, we are able to link a wide variety of IT systems together. We are able to do this in such a way that all the information in a city can be used and made visible, while at the same time leaving the data sovereignty with the respective provider. The platform, therefore, not only provides integrated access to urban data, but also prevents the risk of data misuse.

First prize in the "Innovation Award Reallabore 2022" from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection in the category "Retrospectives" for completed projects - Research project Reallabor Hamburg (RealLabHH).

The Smart 50 Awards 2022 and 2016 of the internationally renowned organization "Smart Cities Connect" is awarded annually for global, innovative smart city projects and aims to honor some of the most influential projects and forward-looking ideas in the context of smart city and smart region. ([ui!] and the city of Bad Hersfeld)

Digital Leader Award 2016 + 2017 - With the Digital Leader Award, German speaking businesses and leaders are rewarded in a competition for an outstanding example in leading digitalisation in their organisation. So the accomplishments for the digital transformation of the organisation are honoured and the responsible leaders publically rewarded. The Digital Leader Award is an initiative by the Initiative der IDG Business Media und Dimension Data.

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