FIWARE and Esri announce a connector to help in the design and monitoring of the cities of the future

Oct 28, 2015

Esri España, a leading company in geographic information systems, together with the FIWARE open initiative, announces the revelation of a connector to improve decision making in IoT (Internet of Things).

FIWARE allows for managing and recording the information from IoT devices; and Esri, through its ArcGIS platform allows for processing advanced analysis and other geospatial functions.

Through means of this collaboration, Esri offers to the FIWARE ecosystem a tool for supporting decision making. As well as this, all of the geographic data available in the organization can be set up as open data to offer to the community, hereby enriching the FIWARE open data ecosystem.

“Thanks to this new integration between FIWARE and Esri, they can extend the capacity of management, analysis and decision making for a smart city, improving the governance and offering better services to the citizens. Esri not only prepares FIWARE with the capability of smart analysis over the land, but it also enriches the system with different information related to the community, population data, education, economics etc.,” says Noemí Sanchidrián, Commercial Director of Esri España.

Both the entrepreneurs and the developers that form part of the FIWARE ecosystem today, could benefit from this connector through incorporating the information from the IoT device sensors together with base maps, spatial analysis tools, real-time processing of information, management of alarms and geographic notifications, filters, smart symbolism and/or enrich the data incorporated in

The complete and operational functionality of this connector will be presented during the Smart Communities meetings that will be developed during the 4th and 5th November in the Conferencia Esri España 2015, that will be celebrated in the Centro de Convenciones y Congresos Norte at IFEMA (Madrid).

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