FIWARE lab, the open innovation Lab


The FIWARE Lab, launched on 6 September 2013, is a non-commercial sandbox environment where innovation and experimentation based on FIWARE technologies takes place. Entrepreneurs and individuals can make “hands on” the technology as well as test and showcase their applications on the FIWARE Lab, exploiting open data published by cities and other organizations. Several cities are already connected or are currently working on setting up a connection to the FIWARE Lab in order to export their open data in this environment. The FIWARE Lab is deployed over a geographically distributed network of federated nodes. Their operation is powered by the FIWARE Ops suite of tools.

You can create an account by connecting to the FIWARE lab site

Besides a number of portals enabling you to self-service the virtual infrastructure to support your experiments, you can access a rich library of Generic Enabler implementation instances offered "as a Service" through well-defined Service End Points, or created by you using tools provided by the Cloud at FIWARE lab.  You may obtain information about FIWARE Generic Enabler implementations by visiting the FIWARE Catalogue.