FIWARE-Ready: Wellness TechGroup - Quamtra (Internet of Things,Open Data,Data Analytics)

Quamtra is an intelligent urban waste collection system that, by sensing and constant monitoring the filling level of the containers, optimizes routes and improves the costs associated with the collection.

The Quamtra system optimizes collection routes by constantly monitoring the content level of waste containers. By installing sensors in the containers it is possible to receive real-time alerts for collection based on container content level, temperature variation (fires), or movement (shaking) enabling a reduction in damage liability and response time. Municipalities:

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A city’s waste management is ultimately tied to its level of development. A city that is capable of being environmentally sustainable will, in turn, increase growth and well-being for its residents.

What’s more, in a globalized world where people are increasingly mobile and a community’s demographics can vary significantly throughout the year, public agencies and municipalities must incorporate the necessary tools to adapt. These technologies increase efficiency, improve public services and adapt to residents, providing a clean, comfortable, and attractive living environment.

Currently, planning the collection of solid urban waste is based on predefined routes and experience, causing unnecessary costs and underutilization of equipment. Often empty containers are collected and full containers overloaded causing an increase in cleaning costs. Knowing the content level of waste containers is critically important.

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