FIWARE-Ready: VIRAL STUDIOS - virtualARt (Internet of Things,Industrial Technology,Data Analytics,Open Data)

virtualARt allows museum visitors to receive information about pieces of art by augmented reality, as well as collect information about tours and preferences.

As a response to this problem arises virtualARt: a model of solutions based on mobile applications that allows users to obtain information about pieces of art just by pointing with your smartphone camera. virtualARt is a flexible tool, which can be adapted to different art galleries or museums, implementing a specific solution for each case.

In addition, it allows gathering information about each visit, such as the sequence of visited pieces of art, time of the visit or viewing time of each piece of art. Thus, users can find out which pieces are most popular, and museum management personnel can configure the location of each work according to the pReference Material of the users, in order to achieve the best possible user experience.

As you can guess, virtualARt is not a solution that is limited to art galleries and museums, but it can be adapted to any commercial, industrial or civil environment that requires gathering information from the medium and, if required, obtaining information about visits, in order to improve the user experience.

Advances in augmented reality have allowed users to extract information from reality to improve their experience. In the case of visits to museums and art galleries, augmented reality allows users to obtain additional information about pieces of art. The main problem is that the existing solutions restrict their catalog to the best-known works and do not allow a flexible design that is adaptable to different museums and galleries. On the other hand, the information about the visit, tendencies, and tastes of the users could be extracted from the use of the application, which, currently, can not be consulted by the users or the managerial staff of the museum and is lost. Gathering this information would significantly improve the user experience.

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