FIWARE-Ready: Ventum Innovacion - Gavilán Control (Big Data,Data Handling,Internet of Things,Sensory Systems,Software as a Service)

Gavilan Control is a tool where you can find the main data and variables regarding your livestock business. You have control over the position and animal welfare. Control the water and food consumption and make decisions that improve the productivity of your exploitation.

We want to offer solutions that improve working conditions, increase productivity, reduce costs, store information, and make work easier. We want to automate most of the daily tasks in your work.

About our software: - Save information collected from a multitude of sensors installed in livestock farms - Use that information to monitor livestock farms - Save events occurred - Notify users of said events and act - Data analysis - Report generation

Our app can run in browser or mobile app

It is a sector that needs to be updated to be more productive and reduce costs. They still work with very old methodologies and little flexibility.

Ea Group Cooprado Cooperativa Sierra de San Pedro

Ventum Innovacion Gavilán Control