FIWARE-Ready: Streamingo - Video data anonymization (Advanced or High Performance Computing,Artificial Intelligence,Cloud Computing,Software as a Service)

Protecting identity in video data is very important for GDPR compliance. Streamingo has developed a solution to ensure speedy anonymization of audio and faces inside a video. It's a fast, accurate and affordable service which can be accessed through REST API.

Streamingo's data anonymization service is available as REST APIs and can be integrated into any IOT or Software product. It enables data anonymization in video data, thereby ensuring GDPR compliance.

Incorporating data anonymization into Computer vision pipelines is a must. The cost of a data anonymization solution is prohibitive today. Streamingo is a Video activity recognition deep learning company working with the largest CPG companies in USA and Europe. We have been able to make video-based studies of consumer behaviour a huge success, because of our data anonymization capabilities.

Our data anomymization service is already in use by P&G in USA,Europe and Japan.

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Streamingo Video data anonymization